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We believe in the timeless essence of plain text.

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We are a collective of plain text advocates. We believe in the timeless essence of plain text as digital communication cornerstone.

Reading and Writing Plain Text (Tools)

In this exploration, we look at a range of tools, from basic text editors to more advanced applications, including Obsidian, Emacs, and iA Writer, which can significantly improve your plain text experience.

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Markup Languages for Plain Text

Markup languages for plain text are essential tools in document creation and formatting. Unlike HTML, which is primarily for web development, these languages are tailored for creating, formatting, and structuring a wide range of documents. Here's an overview of several key markup languages that are particularly useful for document-centric tasks.

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An Introduction to Plain Text

Plain text, in its fundamental form, has been a cornerstone of digital communication since the dawn of computing. Its origins trace back to the early days of computers when text was processed in simple formats. This was due to the limited capabilities of early computers, which could only handle basic text data.

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Backing up and versioning your text files

In the realm of digital data management, backing up and versioning files, especially plain text files, are vital practices. The simplicity and versatility of plain text files offer unique advantages in these processes. This article emphasizes the importance of these practices, particularly through the lens of the 3-2-1 backup rule, while distinguishing them from mere synchronization.

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